What are the Rules of the Clash Royale Game?

What are the Rules of the Clash Royale Game?


In order to play the game, you need to first join the Classic Draft Challenge. This will provide players with the opportunity to win as much as 100 cards and 2000 gold coins. To enter the Grand Draft Challenge, you need to spend 100 gems and the players will get the chance to win as much as 1,100 cards and 22,000 gold coins.

The players participating in the game must pay every time they wish to join the challenge. This challenge is unlike other challenges introduced by the developer of Clash of Clans which allows the players to participate in the first tournament without paying anything.

At the beginning of the game, the players need to select one out of the two randomly chosen cards, and this continues until four different cards are collected, and the remaining four cards are handed over to the opponent.

Clash Royale Opponent players

The opponent player also does the same thing. So, both players finally wind up the game with eight cards. Four are selected by them and the four cards that are not taken by the opponents. So, every player will be aware of the four cards held by the opponent. With this new challenge, the players can dump the bad cards that are capable of generating entertaining results in Clash Royale.

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