“Clash of Kings: The West” Game Review


“Clash of Kings: The West” Game Review


If you have never before played Clash of Kings: The West, you will surely want to go through the guide so that you can catch on to at least the basics of game play. Of course, in the event that

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Clash of Clans: Doing 3-Star Attack with Hog Rider


Pulling a successful 3-Star attack in Clash and Clans game can proved difficult if you don’t understand the tips and tricks involved. You can only achieve this by making use of the Balloons or Hog Rider. The common understanding is

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Clash of Kings Tips and Tricks


Are you looking for some real action game? Check out the Clash of Kings, an absolutely immersive online game where you prove your mettle in a fight to get power over cities, towns and resources. You will be playing your

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What are the Rules of the Clash Royale Game?


In order to play the game, you need to first join the Classic Draft Challenge. This will provide players with the opportunity to win as much as 100 cards and 2000 gold coins. To enter the Grand Draft Challenge, you

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