Supercell makes Clash Royale more Challenging than you can Imagine!

Supercell makes Clash Royale more Challenging than you can Imagine!


Supercell is the famous developing company that gave us the amazing hit Clash of Clans and now it has come up with yet another mega hit named Clash Royale! What makes this game stand out is the fact that it brings together two of the most competitive genres – CCGs and MOBAs. You can find it wrapped up in a Clash of Clans theme replete with unique art style, characters and audio from the original game play.

Clash Royale is made to give players hours of legit fun time playing. Everything about this awesome game is designed to make it super successful.  The bright, chirpy and colorful art style is absolutely exhilarating. You can collect as many cards and level them up with varying rarities. The robust features of this game give you out of the world experience.

Supercell allows you to play the game one-handed in a portrait orientation and this is one feature that every transportation commuter had wished for. There are built-in match replays to enhance the experience.

However, it is unfortunate that most of things you do is locked behind the long-time gates! Does that remind you of Clash of Clans? Looks like it is in the blood of Supercell to make its players wait before they can play around, and the developer sees to earn some revenue out of player’s boredom.

The game play of the recently released game Clash Royale is absolutely incredible. The entire game takes place on a portrait-oriented battle field that feature two tower-defended lanes. The players will create two tower-defended lanes, and these cards will summon a structure, unit or spell. Each one of these comes with different abilities that enable you to wipe out the opponent’s base by destroying their defensive towers.

The main action lasts for only a few minutes. It strikes a perfect balance between not too short and not too long. However, the only hitch is that players cannot progress in the game anytime they like as there are myriad timers in Clash Royale that are designed to give you permission for everything.  You can of course play a game at any time you want to, however advancing in the game is not possible. The rewards (gold, gems or cards) are strictly time based and players have to wait for long to be able to unlock the treasure chests!

Supercell’s long timers make Clash Royale more challenging for the players as the fans don’t mind waiting with bated breath for the time-gates to unlock so that they can progress and get to the next level! It seriously helps in keeping the excitement!

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