Newly Released Clash Royale Card Tips

Newly Released Clash Royale Card Tips


With the recent release of the Executioner, which has been a highly anticipated event, there are some tips and tricks that are available for unlocking him as soon as possible.

When the release happens, the shop will usually have a special offer. The scaling is as follows:

  • 100 gems – 400 common cards
  • 150 gems – 100 rare cards
  • 400 gems – 10 epic cards

After you make your purchase, you will then be able to level them as far up as the level before tournament standard.

In the scaling above, which turns out to be a really good deal, it equates to four common cards for one gem, three rare cards for two gems and one epic card for forty gems. Take notice, however, because the offer will only be available for the full day of the release. The very next day, the deal will disappear and no longer be available.

One of the more popular ways to unlock cards is by saving up the clan chest. It contains cards that have a high chance of unlocking new cards or of getting many different copies of the same card.

The Clan chests end on Wednesday, but saving it until the following Friday before opening it, your chances of earning new cards becomes greater. The temptation is usually too high, but if you can resist, the payout will be much better after the wait.

Tournament and Challenge Chest’s contents are also determined after clicking on them, which means that even if you happen to earn a tournament or challenge chest before the new card is released, you will still be able to unlock it simply by waiting to click on it.

It is better to spend gems on Challenge Chests in order to get the new cards unlocked, if you are able to get the higher number of wins. For instance, instead of getting ten Epic cards for 400 gems, you can instead use them on Grand Challenges, where you will be able to get 88,000 gold, 4400 cards which will include 44 Epic cards and the high probability for a Legendary card in the mix.

You also have the ability to win huge amounts of cards in tournaments that are usually hosted by YouTubers.

In regards to upgrading your cards, do not attempt to upgrade until you have gained a large amount of that card. Once you have many, and then upgrade, you will receive the best results this way.

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