Clash of Kings Tips and Tricks

Clash of Kings Tips and Tricks


Are you looking for some real action game? Check out the Clash of Kings, an absolutely immersive online game where you prove your mettle in a fight to get power over cities, towns and resources. You will be playing your game with thousands of others around the world.

The basic game plan of the Clash of Kings is to gather as much wealth as you can and build your powerful empire.

As players you will be fighting with other clans with the objective to take over their empire. On the other hand, you will also be forming alliances and strengthening your relationship with cleans to get help when your resources run out. So, if you are good at these two strategies then you will definitely go far in the game. To help you master the game skills, here are a few tips that can come handy.

Building your empire

You can build several types of buildings in this game and the most important of all is perhaps the castle. As a beginner in the game, you must focus on how to upgrade your castle and thus strengthen your empire. In the starting stage, you are vulnerable so you must spend all your resources in strengthening our defenses.


You can use the troops to attack other kingdoms however you should first learn about the different types of soldiers. The four types or categories of soldiers come with different skills set so you must choose them wisely.


Before you attack a kingdom or an army, make sure you upgrade your equipment and strengthen your side. Try to accumulate as much of forge and blacksmith materials as you can. The best way to get more blacksmith materials is to kill monsters.

Be the Lord

When you are the Lord, behave and think like one because it is your responsibility to save your empire and troops. You must not attack enemies that are way stronger than you because this way you will loose your own points.

Create strong alliances

To survive in the game and strengthen your side, you must create strong alliances with those who think like you and speak the same language.

Battle strategy

To battle can be won without a good strategy so we would recommend that you pay attention to strengthen your game plan and think wisely. You need at least five farm accounts to survive and some of the best players may have as many as ten farm accounts.

Equipped with better strategies and the above points in your mind, you will be able to make the most of your game in the Clash of Kings.

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