Clash of Clans: Doing 3-Star Attack with Hog Rider

Clash of Clans: Doing 3-Star Attack with Hog Rider


Pulling a successful 3-Star attack in Clash and Clans game can proved difficult if you don’t understand the tips and tricks involved. You can only achieve this by making use of the Balloons or Hog Rider. The common understanding is that Hog Riders are the quickest clean-up team and also the fastest in defense during attacks.

Here are Clash of Clans tips and strategies to be successful with the Hog Rider.

For instance, launch an attack on Castle or look for Twofold Huge Bomb Places, if your plan is conquer the Queen. You can achieve this by first off-putting the pedestal towers of the defense.  You must give up a number of your troops by allowing the defense to shoot at some of your units, in order to do this.

You can introduce the Hog Riders into the game once distracted, in order for them to begin sweeping up the place. Clash of Clans approach needs timing and patience in order for you to determine the best time to do this in the course of attacks.

Unlike other features of the game, Hog Riders have petite health points. Therefore, it is for the defense teams to capture them quickly. You must put troops in place to Tank for them, if you want this tactic to work. Making use of a unit with high HP or pairing your Hog Riders with Golems when launching the attack will make this strategy works.

Better still, there must be a minimum of 15 barbarians in your troops, leaving the remaining as Hog Riders. On the other hand, you should load your clan stronghold with Wizards for the reason that they are capable of wiping out the enemy Queen, hero and the clan castle.

Hog Rider strategy is very powerful and effective once you have the knowledge required, particularly if you want to get to farm trophies or high-end leagues.

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