5 Tips that can Get you Success in Clash Of Kings

5 Tips that can Get you Success in Clash Of Kings


In this article we will share five important tips that you can use to get success in the game. 5 Tips that can Get you Success in Clash Of Kings:

#1. To strengthen your side, always choose quests that come with really good rewards. Quests is the place where you will find some of the recommended quests for you and their subsequent rewards. If you want better rewards then you will have to pick the better quests. You don’t need to always pick the quest with the highest reward. Instead look for quests that promise to give you the resources you actually need for the game.

#2. Create good alliances: It is not a good idea to play alone as this can be detrimental for your game. We would recommend that you create as many alliances as you can with others to get as much help as you can. When you choose likeminded alliances to support you, this will automatically strengthen your side of the game.

#3. The most important duty as a player would be to build a strong and powerful army, but what would you do after that? Once you have build a strong army, you must look for resources in the map to maintain a large troop. You will need several gold coins and food from harvest to maintain a large troop like that.

#4. Create a stock of resources: If you want to last really long in the game, you need to stock up on resources such as saw mills and farms. Collect resources that would be enough for the troops you have acquired in the game.

#5. You need to stock up on hospitals to ensure that the soldiers that are wounded in a battle get healed soon and return to the ground. These are also known as aid tents and you will need to make sure that you have enough of them to last your game.

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